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CFO Services

Is your business too big for an internal bookkeeper and too small to budget for a full-time CFO? We can provide a solution for you. Depending on your level of complexity, we can either act as your direct outsource or arrange for one of our strategic partners to sit in that position. We have handled publicly held companies, so we can handle yours. We can also act as a source to interview your accounting candidates. We know what to ask and can save you a large sum of money by avoiding unqualified candidates.

Why Hire a Part-Time CFO?

All companies, big or small, face many of the same strategic issues. Consequently, all companies have many of the same needs, including the type of analysis that a CFO can provide.

Small and medium-sized companies require the financial expertise of a CFO, but do not have either the budget or need for a full-time CFO.  A part-time CFO is a great solution to fulfill your needs!

Our combined experience in all phases of small and midsized businesses provides a unique level of experience not available from the traditional CPA firm or management consultant. We work on a contract basis based on your requirements.

These services include:

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