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Our business is to protect YOUR bottom line.

We are proactive, looking forward to the changing tax environment and how it will affect your bottom line. Tax law is changing almost daily, we will identify which laws may affect you with aggressive representation from our team. We strive to look ahead and plan in your best interest.

Our team’s combined specialized experience will provide you with a wealth of technical and practical planning. We offer a complete range of services and can accommodate any business or personal need.

“Aggressive Representation” At Boca Accounting, LLC, we look forward, not back.

What exactly does that mean? Most accounting and financial professionals spend their careers in historical accounting looking at what happened. We strive to look ahead and see what’s next.

Tax law is changing almost daily, some will affect you, and some won’t. Knowing which ones will is looking forward, but knowing HOW they will impact your bottom line is Aggressive Representation.


Personal Tax Return Preparation

We prepare tax returns for individuals.

Many of our clients are business owners, some are families, other executives, or retirees.  We utilize the highest quality and secure software and technology, providing our clients with ease and convenience with full electronic filing. We assist in all phases of tax planning. 

Whether you are retiring soon, buying, or selling an investment, getting married or divorced – these are all tax events that require strategic.  Tax laws affect daily life and we will guide you through the process. If you are preparing your own taxes, you may have missed available deductions. Together we can review old returns and make sure you are taking advantage of all tax opportunities. 

Personal Financial Planning

We have enormous resources and knowledge in personal financial planning. From managing daily finances to long-term planning, financial management can be very complicated. We partner with established and trusted financial companies who design a formal, fee-based plan to achieve your personal goals. Comprehensive planning is necessary to ensure your assets are protected. We work with you as a team, and with our partners, to ensure your goals are targeted and focused. We do not sell products. We simply want to provide you with the resources you need.  We have seen it all…and can assist with what makes sense and what doesn’t.  Sometimes asset protection is needed. If you are a high earner or medical professional, this might be part of your overall planning process.

Bill Pay Service

Our bill-pay services began in the 1970’s. We have helped local working families as well as snowbirds manage their finances. Our service for families who are busy with their day to day lives provide the necessary discipline and guidance needed to stay on track of their long-term goals, such as funding a retirement plan, paying off their mortgage, and saving for their children’s college education. For part-time residents or traveling professionals, we can take care of the finances of your property- from utility bills to insurance payments- making sure that when you arrive everything is in order.

Foreign Bank Reporting Service

There are huge penalties for not reporting foreign bank accounts or foreign assets owned or controlled. We provide all foreign compliance reports, advice, and planning. We know this area very well and can add value with advice that also considers your personal financial planning goals and asset protection.

If your company does business offshore you know there are various reporting requirements beyond filing US tax returns. We can guide you through that maze. The penalties are draconian and what constitutes failure to comply often changes. We can also consult on utilizing offshore entities to help avoid local taxation and provide asset protection. Attorneys hate to try and attack offshore entities. Take advantage of that distaste. The large concerns use various contractual arrangements to preserve wealth and take advantage of lower tax jurisdictions. You can too.

Estate and Trusts

Estate taxes are increasing! The stakes are high!

Creating an optimal financial plan for the transfer of family wealth and business control is an integral part of the relationships we have cultivated with our long-term clients.

We work together with our clients and our partners as a team to create unique, effective, and efficient solutions for wealth preservation. Solutions minimize estate and gift tax liabilities, maximize inheritance, coordinate asset protection with estate planning objectives, and provide transition for business succession and transfers. As advisers and confidants, we approach each client’s individual wealth preservation circumstances personally.

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