Address: Boca Accounting, LLC
190 NW Spanish River Blvd, Suite 200


Anthony Picciuto

“I have known Richard for at least 25 years and have hired him for myself and my clients. Richard has acted as a close adviser to me and his abilities as a financial professional have yielded positive results for my projects and clients. I would strongly urge any of my associates to take a look at Boca Accounting.”

StarShore Business Solutions

 “Richard is an excellent CPA. I have not only used him with my personal and business accounting since 1986, but have also recommended him to MY clients, friends and family. If I ever have any questions or concerns, he will answer each one. He is beyond the best.”

Ed Herbert

“Ted has been our auditor since I began serving on the Board of Directors of our condo Association, both as President and now as Vice President, Ted has consistently demonstrated a level of professionalism and even conviviality (rare for the trade).  Over the years, he has pointed out issues to us we needed to know as well as assuring us that we were on level footing.  Ted has been a great asset to our Association.”

Robert Basso

My firm has utilized the expertise of Boca Accounting for tax planning, tax preparation and overhead analysis.  In responding to my inquiries, the quality advice John Huddleston provided was always timely. In my experience, both Ted and Richard have demonstrated an understanding of business and taxation that inspires confidence. I would recommend Boca Accounting to anyone seeking a quality tax professional.”

Hanafy Meleis

“Richard Grassano has been an invaluable partner in my business for over a decade. Richard has helped guide our growth with his accounting expertise and advice. He adheres to the highest standards of industry practices. I can and without hesitation recommend him to any of my business associates. But above all, he is a friend I trust”

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