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IRS Notice on Extensions

Emphasis added by Boca Accounting LLC CPAs Q1 estimates normally due April 15th are also extended to July 15th. Q2 estimates not yet clear, if also extended. Keep in mind sales tax, payroll taxes and excise taxes have not been extended yet. All businesses with less than 500 employees must offer 2 weeks paid time […]


Below is an excerpt we found from the AICPA on a many questions that some of our clients have been having about COVID-19 and relief. If you have any questions or concerns for relief from COVID-19 effects take a look through the below and see if any of these items apply to you.

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Update July 16, 2020 Update July 16, 2020What have we learned so far and what is upcoming? PPP Loans UpdateThe rules have changed recently which allows a 24- week measurement period for the spending of the PPP loan proceeds. This guarantees the full forgiveness of these loans for 99% of our clients. While the simplified […]